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How Do I Add to or Edit My Navigation Menu?

In this video, we’ll go over how to add a new menu item, as well as readjust where tabs appear.If you would prefer a written set of instructions, please take a look below the video.

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1. Log in to your WordPress site, and hover your mouse over the Appearances tab in the vertical menu on the left side of your dashboard, then click on Menus, as shown here:

2. In the Add menu items section on the left side of the Menus dashboard, select the View All tab under Pages, as shown here:

3. Check the box of the page you would like to add to the menu, then click the Add to Menu button, as shown here:

4. Scroll to the bottom of your menu list to find the page you just added, then you can click and drag the new page up to any other position you’d like within your menu, as shown here:


5. If you would like to edit the tab once it’s created, click on the down arrow at the end of the tab you want to change. It will turn into an up arrow once it is selected and the options for that page have been expanded, as shown here:

6. From here you can adjust the name, or even remove it entirely from your menu. You can also cancel any changes on that tab and it will simply revert back to the way it was.

7. To make a sub menu item (or dropdown item underneath a main tab), click and drag the tab slightly to the right until it snaps underneath the main tab you’d like to to appear underneath. Likewise, to make a tab no longer a sub item, drag it back to the left until it snaps in-line on the left, as shown here:


8. Once you’ve finished, simply click the Save Menu button to save your changes and update your menu.

You can also add a menu link that goes to a page on another website – for instance, to your Client Portal page.

9. Back in the Add menu items section on the left side of the Menus dashboard, expand the tab for Custom Links, as shown here:

10. Add the full URL for the page you’re wanting to link to in the first box and the menu title text to the second box, as shown here:

11. When you’re finished, click this Add to Menu button:

12. Follow steps 4-8 above to move it wherever you’d like it to be shown within your navigation menu.


Updated on April 16, 2020

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