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What Is The Brighter Vision Staff Directory Plugin?

At Brighter Vision, we are constantly striving to provide our customers with the latest and greatest features for their websites. We have made it our mission that every part of the Brighter Vision experience is focused on helping our customers as much as possible. What better way to help our users than to directly ask them what they want!

After approaching several of our customers for feedback and advice as to how to make Brighter Vision websites better, we found that many of our customers would like to be able to showcase their staff better.

Cue the creation of the Brighter Vision Staff Directory plugin!

We listened to our customers’ wishes and developed a plugin that will showcase each and every staff member right on the home page. Your clients will now be able to view your staff members directly on your home page (or on any page you wish to showcase your staff). If they would like to learn more about a staff member, they can click on their image and a brief bio of that staff member will pop up.

3 Designs to Choose From

Staff Directory A
Staff Directory B
Staff Directory C

If you are interested in showcasing your staff with one of these beautiful staff directory options, please contact support@brightervision.com to get started.


Updated on June 4, 2019

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