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Editing Circle/Square Layout Specialties

Note: The following is a continuation of a tutorial on how to edit the homepage specialty area.

Before going any further, please make sure you’ve followed these initial steps: How Do I Edit the Specialty Area?

Toggling this Section On/Off

In the expanded options, you can turn this entire section on or off from displaying on your homepage with this toggle:

Editing the Colors

You can change the colors of the background, text, and image borders in this area by clicking on the ‘Select Color’ button and using the popup color code generator:

Once you’ve chosen your new color, simply click the ‘Select Color’ button for that element again to save the new color.

Editing the Title

You can edit the title of this section by changing the text in this box:

Editing the Image Layout/Style

You can choose between displaying your specialties in columns of 3 or 4 images, as well as change the shape of each specialty image here:

Editing the Specialties

Finally, in the ‘Pages’ section, you’re able to edit the existing pages included in this section as well as remove and/or add pages to the Specialties area of your homepage:

In addition to the image used for each specialty shown in this area of your homepage, you can also edit the Page Title, Page Link, and Page Description for each specialty included here:

Edit the Title by changing the text in this box:

Edit the Description by changing the text in this box:

Change the web page the button is linking to here:

To change the image, hover over it and click on this ‘X’ icon to delete the current image:

Next, click this ‘Add Image’ button to choose a new image for this specialty:

You will then be given the opportunity to select another image from your Media Library, or you can upload a new image by clicking this tab:

Once you’ve selected your new specialty image, click the blue ‘Done’ button:

You can remove a specialty from this area of your homepage entirely by hovering over it and clicking this button with the minus sign:

Or you can add a new specialty to this section by clicking this blue ‘Add Row’ button:

Finally, you can rearrange the order that these pages are laid out on your homepage. Here’s a quick reference guide to show you which grid page will be shown in which position on your homepage:

To change this order, click on the number of the page you’d like to move. Hold your mouse down while you drag the page to its new location then release your mouse where you’d like it to appear instead:

6. When you’ve finished editing the specialty area on your homepage, scroll back to the top of the page editor and click this blue ‘Update’ button to save your changes:

Updated on March 3, 2020

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