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Editing the Multi-Staff Slider Section

Note: The following is a continuation of a tutorial on how to edit the homepage staff area.

Before going any further, please make sure you’ve followed these initial steps: How Do I Edit the Staff Area?

Toggling this Section On/Off

In the expanded options, you can turn this entire section on or off from displaying on your homepage with this toggle under ‘On/Off Staff Slider’:

Editing the Title

You can edit the title of this section by changing the text in this box under ‘Staff Section Title’:

Editing the Staff Slider

The ‘Staff’ section lists all of your current staff members on the left side and allows you to edit the order of staff members included in your homepage staff slider on the right:

You can remove a staff member from your homepage staff slider by hovering over their name and clicking this minus (-) sign:

You can add new staff members to the homepage staff slider by clicking on their name in the left column:

You can also rearrange the order they appear in your homepage’s staff slider by clicking one and dragging to its new place, as shown here:

Note: You are not able to edit individual staff bios and headshots from the back end of your homepage.

For help editing staff, please refer to this help article: How Do I Add A Staff Bio Page?

6. When you’ve finished editing the staff area on your homepage, scroll back to the top of the page editor and click this blue ‘Update’ button to save your changes:

Updated on February 26, 2020

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