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Editing the Single Staff Section

Note: The following is a continuation of a tutorial on how to edit the homepage staff area.

Before going any further, please make sure you’ve followed these initial steps: How Do I Edit the Staff Area?

Toggling this Section On/Off

In the expanded options, you can turn this entire section on or off from displaying on your homepage with this toggle:

Editing the Title

You can edit the title of this section by changing the text in this box:

Editing the Image

You can change the photo by hovering over the current image and clicking this ‘X’ icon to delete the current image:

Then, click the ‘Add Image’ button that appears in the old photo’s place:

You will then be given the opportunity to select another image from your Media Library, or you can upload a new image by clicking this tab:

Once you’ve selected your new ‘About Image’, click the blue ‘Select’ button:

The new photo will now be shown in this About Image section:

Below this, you can change the shape of your About Image by selecting between a circle or square in this dropdown menu:

Editing the Description

And finally, you can edit the Description text  by clicking on the ‘Text’ tab to view the content – you will want to work from the ‘Text’ tab rather than the ‘Visual’ tab to edit this section if your font is displaying white in this section of your homepage:

The text between the ‘span’ tags is your main paragraph content:

You can edit this content by highlighting all of the text between the ‘span’ carrot symbols and replacing it with your desired content, as shown here:

The lower portion of this text box is the code for the button displayed below your paragraph in this section:

To edit the text within the button, highlight and replace this text:

To change the page the button is linking to, highlight and replace this text with the slug of the page you’d like to link to instead:

6. When you’ve finished editing the staff area on your homepage, scroll back to the top of the page editor and click this blue ‘Update’ button to save your changes:

Updated on February 26, 2020

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