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General FAQs

We get asked a lot of questions. Here are some of the more common questions we are asked to help you decide if Brighter Vision is the right solution for your business:

YES! All of our websites are 100% mobile responsive. This means that they format perfectly on any device.

If someone views your website on a computer, it formats perfectly.

If they view your website on a tablet, your site reformats to display perfectly.

And if they view your website on a phone, your website will reformat to display perfectly, and put your phone number front and center so all your potential clients need to do is click to call.

YES! All of our customers receive free, lifetime support. And we make really easy to submit a support ticket.

All you have to do is email us at support@brightervision.com with your request and one of our team members will get it taken care of for you within 1-3 business days.

For all of our clients, we perform a full-site, manual Search Engine Optimization audit when you come over to our platform. This includes custom rewrites of all your important data so that Google fully understands what your website is about.

Then, every year we provide an additional audit where we re-review your website to ensure it is still sending all of the appropriate signals to the search engines. Learn more here.

As much as you need! We customize every last drop of your website to meet your needs. No two sites are the same with us.

Once you pick from one of our frameworks, we’ll customize the look, colors, textures, images, fonts… Everything.

It all gets customized to meet your specific needs and match your business.

No two sites are the same with us. And you don’t get generic.

We’ve even partnered with Big Stock Photo to bring you the world’s greatest selection of stock photography. You get to choose up to ten photos for us to use on your website from Big Stock Photo.

We’ve organized our favorites into folders, so you can easily view the most beautiful sunset photos, waterfall photos, marriage counseling photos, etc.

Or, if you want, you can always hunt for your own and we will purchase and use them for you.

YES! We can integrate your website with nearly anything you need us to.

Nope! We highly encourage our clients to utilize Psychology Today as it’s a tremendous source of referrals.

Yup! We will transfer all of your existing content to the new site, format it properly, add photos, and make it look tremendous. You don’t have to lift a finger.

100%! We build all of our websites on our test servers first.

Once you’re ready to go live, we will need access to your domain (we hold your hand through this entire process). When we get access to your domain name, we basically flip a switch and tell the Internet that your site is hosted with Brighter Vision and you’re live.

Our costs are very straightforward: $59/month plus a one-time, $100 setup fee.

Support? Included. Hosting? Included. SEO? Included.

We hate being "nickel and dimed" by companies and don’t do this to our customers.

If you pay the year up-front, we waive the setup fee.

You can always switch to month to month the following year... Or, if you want, you can pay the full year up-front again and we give you one month free.

Even though we think we’re the best website solution for therapists, we understand that Brighter Vision isn’t for everyone. However, as we are a service based business and spend a ton of time learning about you, your business and building you a custom website, our ability to offer refunds is limited.

For monthly subscribers, we are unable to offer refunds at this time. For annual subscribers, if you decide Brighter Vision is not the right solution for you before your first draft is built, we will refund your full amount, minus the setup fee, first month and a $100 cancellation fee.

Sure! You can view our client showcase here: Portfolio

We try to release a new theme every 2-3 months. Sometimes they flop and sometimes they are hits with our clients.

If you see a new Brighter Vision theme and want us to migrate your site to that theme, we most certainly can do that.

Since so much work goes into building and customizing a theme for our clients, we have a one time fee of $99 to re-build your site onto a new theme.

TherapySites is a great product and service. But we differ from them in many ways.

Most importantly, we take a concierge approach to your website. You choose from one of our frameworks and then we customize it uniquely for you, adding in your unique colors, textures, fonts, images etc. This allows you to have a completely unique website that does not look like anybody else’s.

There are a ton of other ways, including our SEO strategy, the system your website is built on, your website’s mobile friendliness, and more! Contact us today and we’d love to chat about these details in greater depth.

Once you sign up with us, you are assigned to a Lead Developer based out of our Colorado office. You are also sent a questionnaire to help us understand your likes, needs and wants.

Your Lead Developer will work with you through the process in selecting a framework and answering the questionnaire. Once a framework is selected, we will begin building.

In about a week we’ll have a first draft ready for you to review, at which point we’ll schedule a screen share where we will review colors and format and make changes on the fly until you are 1,000% happy with your entire site.

At that point we’ll make a final revision of edits, and then begin taking you live.

All in all, the entire process takes 3-4 weeks.

Additional Questions?

Still wondering about something we didn’t answer here?

Email our Support Team at support@brightervision.com. We’re happy to answer any lingering questions or concerns you may have!

Or, if you prefer, you can also submit your question(s) using the form below:

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Updated on May 29, 2019

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