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How Is My Website Optimized for Search Engines?

Well-executed search engine optimization – also known as SEO – is essential to your practice’s success.

At Brighter Vision, we take the online marketing of your business seriously and do everything within our power to ensure you are as optimized as possible and maximizing your return-on-investment.

Before Brighter Vision became a web design company for therapists, we were an SEO company that managed numerous clients with 5-figure SEO budgets.

We’ve leveraged our expertise in search engine optimization to therapists worldwide and provide one of the most comprehensive SEO solutions around for therapists… And it comes at no extra cost to you!

Brighter Vision’s Search Engine Optimization Recipe for Therapists

For every website we launch, we do a full website, manual Search Engine Optimization audit. This includes:

  • A manual re-write of all of your important SEO tags, for every page. This ensures your website is as optimized as possible.
  • Submission to all the search engines.
  • Implementing technology to ensure your website loads quickly and promptly.
  • Mobile Responsive Design, which has become a major ranking factor in Google.
  • Built in blog with every website that retains your branding throughout.

What About In the Future?

We know that both businesses and Google are bound to change.

That’s why we provide you with a complimentary SEO review by one of our in-house SEO specialists whenever you request.

We’ll get in touch, find out what’s new about your practice, and adjust all of your SEO tags to ensure they are still communicating as effectively as possible with search engines.

While we can do a lot for you with respect to SEO, we can’t do everything. So we’ll also provide you with a strategy of things you can do to help improve your SEO.

Here are a few things right off the bat that can really help you further understand what SEO is, what we’ve already done for your SEO, and what you can also do to help your SEO:


Updated on May 6, 2019

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