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How to Save Post Images

You may find yourself in a situation where you’d like to save an image from one of your Social Genie posts so that you can share it to your website’s blog or another social platform like Instagram. If so, you can do this by following the 5 steps outlined below.


If you’d prefer to watch a video over text and screenshots, here is a video tutorial:


How to Save Post Images:

1. Go to your posts library, find the post with the image you’re wanting to save, and click the pencil icon to edit that post.


2. In the post editor window, right-click on the image and choose Inspect from this list of options.


3. This will open up your Elements panel or Dev Tools in a new window.


4. Because we inspected the image in the post, you should see the URL link for that image as the first item under Styles.


5. If you click on this link, you will then be able to highlight and copy the full URL for the image.


6. Next, open a new tab in your browser and paste that image URL. Once you hit Enter, you’ll be taken to the full-size image where you can then right-click this image and save it to your desktop, downloads, or whichever folder you’d like.

Updated on February 6, 2020

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