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Hushmail FAQs

Encryption is a method of scrambling information in such a way that it can only be unscrambled by people who are authorized to see it. Much of the information sent over the Internet, including most email, is not encrypted and therefore, not HIPAA Secure.

Read more about encryption on Wikipedia.

There are 2 reasons why you typically can't sign in to a Hushmail account:

  1. Wrong email address
  2. Wrong passphrase

If you see either of the following errors...

...this means you are typing an incorrect email address. Double-check that you are entering your full email address when you attempt to sign in; not just the username portion.

If you are getting the following error...

...this would indicate that you are not entering the right passphrase, or you are trying to log into someone else's account due to a typo in the email address.

Remember: Hushmail passphrases are case sensitive. This means that 'p' is not the same as 'P'. If you are having difficulty accessing your account, make sure that you don't have Caps Lock enabled on your keyboard.

For security reasons, Hushmail accounts were created by default without a Password Reset feature. However, as a Brighter Vision customer, you will have the ability to request a password reset for your Hushmail account through our support desk.

If you need to have the passphrase reset for your Hushmail account, simply email our support desk at support@brightervision.com and we'll be happy to take care of this for you right away!

Your passphrase can be changed at any time from the Preferences tab of your email settings.

Visit this page for a full tutorial: Changing Your Passphrase

When using webmail, you can send a maximum of 350 emails every 24 hours.

When using IMAP, you can send a maximum of 2000 emails every 24 hours.

Each recipient of an email counts as one email sent. Sending one email to 10 recipients is the same as sending 10 emails each with a single recipient.

If you need to send an email newsletter to a large number of subscribers, we recommend that you sign up for MailChimp.

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Updated on May 29, 2019

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