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What Keywords Are Being Used For My SEO?

Generally speaking, the keywords that were used to write your custom SEO were pulled from a combination of two places…

  1. The content you’ve written for your individual web pages.
  2. Your answers to these SEO questions from your Approval To Go Live form:

In the above example, this website would have SEO tags that include all of these requested keywords from their form, as well as any additional specialty pages they have written custom content for but may have forgotten to mention in the process of going live.

For example, if they also had web pages with a lot of great content on the “PTSD Awareness Groups” they offer, or “Pre-College Counseling for Teens” – these are both examples of additional keywords that would be used in their SEO.

Revising Your SEO Keywords

Our Support Team is also always here to help update your SEO tags with new keywords as your website, and overall practice, progresses.

Adding new specialties, changing your modalities, moving offices – these are all things that should be updated both on the front end of your website (i.e. the stuff your website visitors can see) and on the back end of your website in your SEO tags (i.e. the stuff search engines can see).

So, if at any point you need help updating your SEO with some new keywords, just send our Support Team an email at support@brightervision.com to let us know. We’ll be happy to get things updated accordingly.


Updated on May 13, 2019

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