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Why Are SEO Audits Only Done by Request?

We do offer complimentary SEO audits as part of your ongoing Brighter Vision support package, however these audits are only performed by request and there’s a simple explanation for this: if your site is still performing well in search results and you’re still happy with the traffic results, we don’t want to go in and change a bunch of your search terms. This can, and most likely will, cause your rankings to drop for whichever search terms are updated and/or replaced.

With that being said, the longer your website is live, it becomes more and more likely that your practice has progressed since being built and may be ready to focus on some new search terms. When this time comes, we are more than happy to jump in and update things accordingly!

All we ask is that you fill out the SEO Audit Request Form on this page: https://www.brightervision.com/s-seo-audit/

That will give us the information we’ll need to perform a full site-wide audit. Once we have received your completed form, we’ll let you know what day we are able to schedule your audit and take it from there.


Updated on May 13, 2019

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